Hello!  You have reached the homepage of PÕQ~Prince -- an Admin for the original, great PÕQ clan. 
I've been a fan of the PÕQ servers for several years...since I first discovered them while in college.  I spent many nights running around the Blood Gulch -- nights that I probably should have spent sleeping or studying.  I've finished college since then, but have continued loving the PÕQ maps.  You can still find me running around Blood Gulch, but you can also find me on ColdSnap.  Ever so often, I venture into the other great PÕQ maps just to provide another target for the "good" players. 
PÕQ is a great clan!  I enjoy the fraternal feeling that comes with the clan, the competent leadership and the professional manner by which our members operate our servers. 
If you ever need anything, give me a buzz!